Look at These Mesmerizing Porsche-Inspired Cinemagraphs

Since Dr. Ferry Porsche rolled the very first 356 prototype out of a garage in Gmünd, Austria, in 1948, every vehicle to bear his family name has been meticulously engineered to give its driver a visceral experience. From classic two-seat sports cars to hybrid supercars, no other manufacturer has so successfully… » 7/15/14 12:59pm 7/15/14 12:59pm

Watch two kids live their dream of a night in the Porsche museum

A perfect car museum filled with classics is empty for the night and you have the keys inside — it's a dream we've all had. Watch this amazing video of these two kids getting to do just that at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. » 10/04/13 10:52am 10/04/13 10:52am

Do we already live in the future?

Sometimes it feels like we already live in the future. For me it's the Porsche 918 hybrid. What currently existing technology makes you feel like we might already be living in the future? » 10/04/13 10:37am 10/04/13 10:37am

The only home beautiful enough for a Porsche 911

This Osaka townhome designed by Kenji Yanagawa Architects was for a client with an unusual request — the entire structure needed to be oriented around the garage. The garage, you see, holds his silver Porsche 911. » 10/04/13 10:16am 10/04/13 10:16am

Ask actor Patrick Dempsey all about racing his Porsche at Le Mans

You may know Patrick Dempsey as Dr. McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy, but did you also know he was the co-driver of the Porsche 911 GT3 that came in fourth place in his class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans? Or that he's the star of a new documentary all about the race? Ask him all about it right now. » 10/02/13 10:09am 10/02/13 10:09am

Here's how Porsche makes the world's most advanced hybrid

The 918 Spyder, when it finally gets built, will be like no other hybrid on the road. Here's some gorgeous manufacturing porn that brings the amazing process to life. Seriously, it's almost magical. » 10/01/13 5:37pm 10/01/13 5:37pm