Here's All The Best Comments You Made About Endurance Racing This Year

Hunter Slaton for Porsche Motorsport

Since June I’ve been writing and/or curating this series about European-style endurance racing, from Le Mans to the wider FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC). One of the coolest things has been, at the end of each post, kicking the convo over to the readers, and hearing what you guys have to say about motorsports.

With that in mind, I wanted to round up some of the best, funniest, and most enlightening comments from the past four months. Let’s get into it.


Le Mans Is Almost Here. What Do You Love Most About It?

We kicked things off with roundtable discussion about why Le Mans is sweet. Commenter Bub Rub had some hard-to-argue-with reasonsing:

While commenter BBlades painted a compelling picture of the event:


And Superturbo just went ham on why he’s a Le Mans superfan:


Why Motorsports Are More American Than You Realize

After Le Mans — and the sweet illustrated GIF we made of every Porsche that’s ever won the race — automotive journalist Blake Z. Rong penned a passionate argument for cross-pond motorsports unity. Jalopnik readers agreed with Blake, and even made a case for other kinds of racing, as in this comment from E.M.H.:


One racing love, yo.

Feast Your Eyes on This Scale Model of Le Mans, Handcrafted Entirely Out of Leather

Next, we built a... well, it says it right there in the headline:


A reader calling him- or herself Skymeat posed an excellent question:


Let’s just say that plans are in the works for next year. ;-)

A Guide To The Craziest Sport You’re Not Watching

Most recently, we did a cross-posted thing on Deadspin and Jalopnik, with an eye to giving folks who might be intrigued by motorsports — but unsure where to begin — a primer on what to watch for, what a viewer needs to know to really appreciate the sport, backstory, tech, rules, and so on.


One thing we missed, though — and that you guys helpfully provided — was advice on how to actually watch races. Reader Mash_Tun had some practical advice:


And Provolone had some protips on his preferred method of race-viewing:


That’s great advice for next season! In the meantime, big props to Porsche for sponsoring all of this great motorsports content, including our brand-new infographic detailing all of the DNA that a street Porsche shares with its race-car counterparts. Thanks again for reading — and commenting.

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