Le Mans Is Almost Here. What Do You Love Most About It?

Nandita Raghuram for Porsche Motorsport

Arguably one of the greatest races ever, Le Mans (June 18–19) is coming up quickly in your rearview mirror. Clocking in at a full 24 hours, the race is a spectacle to behold — the ultimate endurance sport for drivers and fans (no seriously, watching TV for 24 hours is kind of a sport).

While looking at cars run laps for a day straight may not sound like fun to non-fans, motorsports enthusiasts are into it for a slew of reasons. So why do you watch Le Mans? Is it to revel in the skill it takes to drive for a whole day? The beauty of watching teams work together to seamlessly coordinate the whole thing? Or just for sexy race cars? Share why you watch Le Mans in the comments below, so novices can learn why they should love it, too.


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